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software testing company in salem

Experience next-generation software testing and quality assurance services with Box of Tech. We guarantee significant improvements in code deployment, improved software development lifecycle, and cost-effectiveness with unparalleled speed and quality.

Strengthen your business for the next generation of applications by implementing the best software testing methods and tools. An innovative and forward-looking approach eliminates errors, shortens overall cycle time and minimizes errors. We focus on customized customer requirements and offer a comprehensive range of manual and automated testing services that follow standard quality assurance practices and processes. Our dedicated team of inventive quality assurance engineers perform high-quality QA testing to deliver robust, scalable, and reliable software solutions.

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Software Testing

Our unique and state-of-the-art quality assurance services include


Software Testing

Quality assurance that guarantees the high quality and reliability of your software, from unit testing to overall regression testing, using some software testing methods that maximize performance, enhance scalability, and maintain the highest quality of your products.


QA Automation

Speed up your testing method by implementing a wide range of
functions that include test automation design, tool analysis,
maintenance, and test script execution to maximize
test coverage.

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Apache JMeter
Apache JMeter
Katalon Studio
Katalon Studio

Software Testing & QA Services

Validating the software system to meet each functional requirement of the application meets the expected output. Our experienced QA professionals perform functional testing, focusing primarily on the user interface, database, security, APIs, client or server applications, and similar application functionality.

Track application behaviour when multiple application functions are running simultaneously. Our in-depth thorough analysis of user behaviour patterns identifies potential usability issues in the early stages and creates a seamless product.

Load time, inefficient response and instability can be overcome by performance testing. Our in-depth experience in performance testing by implementing quality inspections and software behaviour analytics guarantees flawless, reliable and intelligent applications.

To discover potential vulnerabilities in a running application, enable security testing in each release. A talented team of testing engineers performs risk assessment and intrusion testing to protect the application from hackers or malicious threats.

Learn about Box of Tech compatibility testing capabilities where the application is thoroughly tested across different browsers, databases, hardware, server infrastructures, resolution screens, and devices.

We detect front-end and back-end disadvantages in web applications. Scalability, security and multi-level support are the cornerstones of the mobile application. Box of Tech provides cross-platform, functional / non-functional testing for both manual and automated approaches to a variety of mobile applications.

Automation Testing

Our automated testing experts will develop an action plan for your organization's needs and recommend a technology solution to reduce costs, accelerate time to market, and dramatically improve end-product quality. Our extensive experience using a variety of automation test tools can help your business select the most appropriate tools for your needs and budget.

Our Test Automation Approach

  • Assess automation needs, extensibility, and application scope
  • Determine the scope and level of automation used
  • Tool selection and automation architecture design
  • Automatic test script and test data generation
  • Proper installation and configuration of the test environment
  • Perform test code and data verification
  • Automatic performance test for scalable background

Advantages of Automated Testing

Improved Quality

Reduce the manual workforce that performs repetitive tests and prone to errors. Push people into more strategic tasks and take automation testing as a sure solution so you can do 100% consistent and accurate results in everyday tasks.


Identifying errors at the right time can save hours of work, reduce costs, fix problems faster, and allow automated testing to run different test scenarios multiple times until the results are satisfactory.

Expedited Deliveries

Achieve accelerated application distribution cycles without compromising code quality with faster testing and the wider coverage provided by test automation.

software testing company in salem

Why Box of Tech for Software Testing Services?

When you decide to work with our quality assurance experts, you get a highly effective team with many business benefits.

Test Automation

Quality control teams have extensive experience in ongoing testing practices and testing automation approaches, such as graphical user interface testing and API-based testing. We have in-house experts in programming languages related to testing automation, such as Java, Ruby, JavaScript, and Python.

Dedicated QA Teams

Box of Tech dedicated quality control and testing teams integrate seamlessly into our customer’s software development cycles. We use state-of-the-art testing methods to deliver high-quality testing and quality control services in every project. With an extended team delivery model, you can quickly scale quality control resources with little risk and effort.

On-Demand Testing

In addition to a dedicated QA team, we provide on-demand software testing services. Box of Tech adheres to the practice of test-driven software development. In this way, our team helps companies reduce the cost of downtime between releases. We also use test automation frameworks such as data-driven test automation and agile automation.

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